DIYs to try for Valentine’s Day

I think as a compensation for never celebrating Valentine’s Day, I may have indulged a little too much this time around.

I have so many DIYs to share with you guys and this might be a long post. So sit down with that cup of coffee now.Easy DIYs for Valentine's Day

DIY Heart Shaped Box

When I started dabbling with the idea of making something to giveaway for Valentine’s day I stumbled upon this heart-shaped Hide and Seek Biscuits container. Since I have a one-track mind and crafts and parties are all I think about, I decided to give it a makeover for Valentine’s Day.

I used a coat of White Spray paint which in hindsight was sufficient, but I wanted a red box so I did another coat of red on top of the white. How the paint dries up depends on your weather condition. It took about a day to completely dry up with the weather in Mumbai.

The weather in Mumbai is usually anything around 26-30 degrees Celsius in February.

Until I painted it, I wasn’t sure how I am going to use it. But once done, I decided to use it as a prop. You can totally use it to pack goodies for your Valentine. Just add shredded paper and fill it in with chocolates, handmade cookies, brownies e.t.c.

You will need:

– A heart-shaped Hide and Seek Box

White Spray Paint

– Red Spray Paint

– Gloves

– Protective Eyewear and Mask

– Alphabet Stickers or catchphrase Stickers

Hide & Seek biscuit box makeover

hide and seek box

Spray painted Hide and Seek box

Valentine's Day party set-up

See how lovely it looks!

DIY Paper Rose for Your Valentine

DIY crepe paper rose

I wanted to make roses for this pail /container as it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. I mean it says “Love is all you Need!” Seriously had to use it. So I made a couple of roses with red and white crepe paper and they turned out so beautiful!

You will need:

– Red Crepe paper (1 sheet can give you up to 2 flowers)

– Green Crepe Paper (1 sheet will go a long way)

– Floral Wire

– Floral Tape

– Scissors

– Heart Shaped Template (optional)

– Tear Drop Shaped Template (optional)

– Leaf Template (optional)

Valentine's Day rose bouquet

Step 1. Draw a heart shape and a teardrop shape on card stock and cut out the templates. Fold a red sheet of crepe paper 4 times to get 8 + 8, a total of 16 petals. Place the template on the crepe paper, trace around it with a pencil/ marker. Secure the open fold of the paper with a clip so when you cut out the shape your pieces stay together.

Step 2. For the teardrop shaped petals, use the leftover paper in between the 2 heart-shaped cutouts (I don’t like wasting anything). You need only 5 petals so it will be sufficient.

Step 3. Stretch all the petals lightly with your fingers to get rid of creases. But be careful not to tear the paper. It easy if you just apply pressure evenly on both sides you will notice the petals expanding and twisting like real petals.

Step 4. Take a pencil and turn in corners of all petals in the opposite direction. It is ok to miss this step but it just gives a very real feel to the flowers.Valentine's Day rose DIY

Step 5. Take about 4-5 floral wires and used floral tape all around then in a spiral direction. Now roll a tear-drop shaped petal on the wire. Secure it with floral tape.

Step 6. Roll all the tear-drop shaped petals around the first one.

Step 7. Now take 4 petals from the heart-shaped petals and wrap then around the first layer of tear-drop petals.

Step 8. Tape these petals and by now your flower would have started taking shape.

DIY Rose petal and leaves

Step 9. Take batches of 4 heart-shaped petals and start to wrap them around the flower. Your flower will start taking shape and should more or less look like this ↓

DIY Rose

Step 10. Cut out a leaf shape on green crepe paper and wrap around wire. Then glue it together and bend the wire.

Step 11. Tape the wire of the leaves with the flower stem.DIY paper flowerStep 12. Repeat the same steps if you are making more than one flower.

Also, if you don’t have a vase/ container to put the flowers in, you can just wrap them in colourful tissue paper and give it to your Valentine with a special message

A gift of love, pink and white paper flower bouquet

You will win someone’s heart for sure with these flowers!

DIY Painted Candy Bags

It took me less than 5 mins to do it and the result was so cute. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day DIY favour if you are hosting a party or just giving away small goodies to your loved ones.

I had a few jute bags (loot bags) left over from my son’s Pirate party, which I decided to turn into candy favour bags. The size of the bags used is 4″ Height by 3″ Width.

You will need:

-Jute bags

– Red Fabric Paint and a paint brush

– Red Marker (optional)

– Heart-shaped sticker (optional)

Step 1. Use a heart-shaped foam sticker and trace the shape on the bag. You can draw freehand if you are comfortable doing it.

Step 2. Fill in the shape with red fabric paint. Wait in between coats.

Step 3. Once the paint dries up, use a red permanent marker to make the outline.

DIY Jute Candy Favour Bags

BFF TIP you could also personalise it by painting the initials.

DIY Honeycomb Dreamcatcher

This was totally my kind of Dreamcatcher! It was such an instant idea and totally unplanned. I bought these heart-shaped metal hoops from Art Station impulsively and thought of spray painting them gold. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them until this idea struck me. And I am so glad it did. So from now on, I am going to use my version of dream catcher for all my parties!

DIY Dreamcatcher

Step 1. Spray Paint an 8-inch hoop in colour of choice

Step 2. Use a 6-inch Honey Comb

Step 3. Tie the Honey Comb to the Hoop and secure it with glue drops and tape.

Now hang it and watch it swirl!

Valentine's Day DIY Table Decor

Seriously though, if you watch it swirl, you will fall in love!

Hope you enjoyed these DIYs as much as I did. Now enjoy your weekend and get crafting!

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