Superheroes Party with their capes on!

When my son was around 4 years old he believed he was a dinosaur. That lasted for a few months. Then suddenly he woke up one day and got over his dinosaur phase. Now all he wanted was, to be a Superhero!

He immediately wanted a cape for his pretend play.

So for a while, we used different things to substitute a cape. But his love for superheroes was real. And so I decided to make him a cape. I was so happy with the result that for his birthday (no prizes for guessing the theme) I made one for all the little guests.

Superhero Theme Party

Now, what’s a superhero without his cape? Actually, that would be The Hulk. But at this party, even he had a cape on. I just found it so fun and easy to make that everybody had to have one.

Also once they put it on, they took their job seriously, and looked like they were ready to save the party if not the world!

Look at how intense they look!!


I found some patterns online but this seemed to work the best. And this tutorial has detailed instructions on how to make a cape.

I printed the above pattern, changed it a bit to my liking and then traced it on a big chart paper. That was my template for making 20+ capes.

You don’t have to do that. Just download this design and you will be good to go.

Fabrics Used

I used a fabric called Butter-Crepe which is easily available in any fabric shop in India and it is really cheap. So I used it along the length which was 48 inches in height.

According to the pattern the width is around 30 inches and height around 35 inches. I changed the measurements according to the age and approximate height of each child.

I needed about 2 meters for each cape. Since it had to have a double layer I used a meter of each colour – red and blue for the boys and yellow and red for the girls.

So the fabric requirement for a double layer cape = 2 meters.

But if you buy lots of fabric like I did, and economise you can get one and a half cape every 2 meters.

I used a different fabric and colour for my son’s cape since he was the birthday boy and I wanted him to feel special. I used art satin which is again not expensive at all and easily available in any fabric shop all over India.

I would love to tell you that I stitched the capes by myself, but that is sadly not true. I have never befriended the sewing machine and I run to my local tailor for basic stitching jobs.

I cut out the pattern and I gave it to a local alteration tailor who charged Rs. 100 a cape. (less than 2 dollars). He also stitched the velcro on to each cape.

I used a contrasting yellow for the Superman shield on the capes. I bought around a meter cotton lining for it which I used for making these signs on more than 20 capes.

For the initials I used felt. I downloaded alphabets on paper, traced and cut around it. Then I used fabric glue to paste them on the capes.

All I can say is that they looked really cute and the kids had so much fun putting them on and playing superheroes. The capes also doubled up as aprons for the party since it was at Pizza Express and they had to make their own pizzas.

This is what superheroes do in their spare time↑

DIY Superhero Capes – Simplified

Step 1. Make a cape pattern or download a pattern which you would like to use

Step 2. Fold both the pieces of fabric vertically and trace the pattern on the fabric

Step 3. Pin both the fabrics together inside the traced line so it doesn’t shift. 

Step 4. Now cut around the traced line and open it up.

Step 5. Make or download the Superman sign

Step 6. Trace it on fabric and cut around it.

Step 7. Now stitch the Superman sign on one layer of the cape.

Step 8. Now stitch both layers of cape together. 

Step 9. Attach velcro to the ends which have to go around the neck. 

Step 10. Cut out initials on fabric, felt, foam and stick it on the cape with fabric glue.

Once you have your capes ready, you can make these superhero masks to add to the costume.

Now let them play superheroes and go save the day!

Do try it out and let me know how it turned out.

Happy Crafting,

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