A Pinterest Inspired Unicorn Party!

Unicorn Slumber Party

Unicorn Slumber Party


When a little girl believes in Unicorns and insists they exist, you have to celebrate her love for it!

That’s just what was done for this girl’s 7th birthday party. Her friends were invited to a slumber party to discuss Unicorns. It was a serious mission, but a fun one.


I think I have been crushing over the pink, blue and yellow combination since the Ice Cream Party and had to repeat it for this party too. My colours were much brighter for this one as opposed to the pastel colours I used earlier and the result was a fun, vibrant set of printables. 

I insisted my printer to use a high-quality printer this time and the result was evident.

For banners, cake toppers, party signs, bag toppers I usually use 270 gsm cardstock. For anything that needs to be cut in a certain shape, I use Alabaster or glossy paper with 170-180 gsm.



There are so many details that went into the party and I am so excited to share it with you.

The highlight of the party was the Cloud Lights which doubled up as a backdrop for pictures.

The table backdrop was turned into a sleepy Unicorn since it was perfect for a slumber party. I used giant paper flowers and this was the first time I made huge paper flowers and I love love love it! Can’t wait to make more of these.

DIY Unicorn Wall

Only once you do it, you will believe how quick and simple these flowers are to make. I found this idea on Pinterest and just followed it coz it was super simple.

The other DIY I followed from Pinterest was for making a Unicorn Pinata.

I am absolutely in LOVE with pinatas and I will be making many this year. Take a look at how I made this one here.

Unicorn Pinata


Treat Table

Slumber party

I don’t know how but I don’t have a single picture of the entire treat table! I took pictures of everything else though. Let me give you a lowdown on what all went on that table.

– I made Unicorn Popcorn inspired by Pinterest but instead of adding marshmallows, I just used food colouring to colour them.

-For Unicorn Tears, we served Strawberry/Blueberry milkshake with Sprinkles on top. (We got busy so no pictures were taken of that)

– We packed Marshmallows as Unicorn Fluff

– Jelly Beans were given away as Unicorn poop

– Colourful Fried snacks were placed as Unicorn Treats.

Unicorn Food

Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Sandwiches

Unicorn Treat Table

Girl party food ideas

 The treat table was full of Unicorn Poop. Not kidding. Also, there was a variety of Unicorn Tears, Unicorn Fluff and just a few other Unicorn Treats.

Party Activities

Each guest got to decorate their own Unicorn Sleep masks and Unicorn Bags. After that everyone posed for Instant pictures which were put in instant photo frames.

Instant Pictures

DIY Eye Mask


Returns or Favours

All the children got a set of cotton Unicorn Print Pyjamas along with Unicorn Hairbands.

And goody bags which had all of these

Girl Party Favors

Hand Made Unicorn Tail

Handmade Unicorn Earrings

Handmade Unicorn Mane Ties

Colourful hair extensions like Unicorn Hair.


Unicorn Hair for girls

Returns gifts for girls


The kids went back with bags, stomachs and eyes full of Unicorn stuff. And I fell more than ever in love with Unicorns.

Let me know what you think about this party and if you have done a Unicorn party please share your ideas and images.


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