The Party Monster- Ideas to plan a fun Party for your little Monster.


BOO! There are no spooky monsters here, only silly, cuddly, and furry ones.

There are plenty of awesome parties out there for you to get inspired from but if you get overwhelmed by too much information then stick around and I will share with you the absolute essential tools to host an awesome Monster Party.

Party Printable

I am a huge fan of good printable and I believe it is the foundation of any good party. It just ties the theme together and sets the tone for the party. The Monster prints used throughout this Friendly Monster Bash, makes it look so neat and uniform. I also totally adore the monster silhouette bunting used here. Many other cute details in there for you to get inspired from.

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Table Set-up

This Not so spooky Monster Party table set-up doubles up as a vibrant photo background. I am in love with the furry blanket used as the backdrop and the banner, cupcake wrappers, and all of the printable are simply gorgeous!


OMG! This is cuteness overload.

Balloons = Happiness. They make any party look lively and cheerful. I wish I had come across this Little Monster Birthday Bash when I was planning my son’s party.


When they say that it is all in the detailing, it is true. Details will take your party to another level and make it stand a cut above the rest. This mum of 2 has nailed it with her planned decor, printable, table set-up. God, even her party favours are perfect! Check out that huge Monstrous wall (literally) which the kids got to colour on. Doesn’t she give you party goals? Little Monster Birthday Party

Candy Station

Seriously were you thinking you can get away from it? How can you even have a party for kids and not have cakes, cupcakes and candies! This Fuzzy Orange Monster Party loaded with sugar treats looks delicious.

P.S. Aren’t cake smashes adorable with little monsters digging their faces in them.

Activities, Games, Entertainment

Now that you are all set up with the party, what are the kids going to do once they arrive? How do you keep them entertained during the party? Here is what I did:

For my son’s party, I chose a kid’s gym as a venue. The focus was mainly on activities which included a Monster’s Training Zone (the gym) where they learned how to ROAR like a monster, they Ziplined around to fall onto the bean bags and jumped on the trampoline till they couldn’t anymore. Also, they made their own paper monster bags to take home. For more details, you can see the Activities and Games section here.


How about trying out some super cute Monster themed food for your party Betty Crocker style!

Party Favours/ Return Gifts

What is a party without children taking home fun favours? There are so many good things going on in this Monster Party but each time I see these bags I get green with envy. I wish I was at this party!

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If you like the ideas or need help with any party planning, leave us a comment below.

Also if you have planned a monster party for your child in the past or are planning one, do share it with us. Who knows maybe you get featured and get some lovely Butterfinger Goodies!


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