Mad Scientist Party

A Mad Scientist Party
Scientist Boy with Test Tube
I choose party themes based on what my son is into around the time before his birthday. During the days leading up to his 6th birthday, there was a mad frenzy of science experiments and books in my house. So the idea of throwing him a Mad Scientist Party was an easy choice.


When I started planning the Mad Scientist party, I wasn’t sure of what I will find and how much I will have to DIY. Luckily I found most of the supplies on
The best finds were Petri dishes, test tubes and the white wig which the little scientist wore for the party. The adults used it for photo ops.
Mad Scientist Party
I chanced upon this superb website which generates your name in periodic tables. Seriously, how cool is that? You can choose colours, fonts and layouts.
It’s so much fun just to play with it even if it is not for a party. And the best part of it all it is free. I used it to make a birthday banner, party signs and to make personalised bookmarks and magnets. So much fun! Go try it out here
Other Decor highlights were:
Test tubes filled with candy.
Hydration Station – H2O with marked water cups for measurement.
Science jokes used as the centrepiece.
Science Party Test Tubes
Science Party Drinks
Mad Scientist party jokes
Science Party Table 
Big Test Tubes
 Science Party Sign

Dessert Table

I had the most fun setting up the dessert table with absolute Toxic Waste i.e. Candy. 
Treats at the table consisted of:
Caramel Popcorn as Atoms
Kurkure as Molecules
crystallised candy
Chemical Waste (Choco pie)
Neutrons and Electrons were test tubes filled with tic-tac
Set of test tubes filled with sour punk labelled as Quarantined Worms 
Chemical Cupcakes
Radioactive Jelly
Protonic Pops (homemade chocolate pops)
Jelly Test Tubes
Tic Tac Test Tubes
Science Toxic Waste
Science Party Food Molecules
Mad Scientist Food Ideas
 Mad Scientist Chemical Cupcakes
There was so much candy and treats for the kids to eat and carry back home.
I also made to go packs for children with too toxic to eat labels on them which the kids could fill up with whatever they wanted from the dessert table.

Return Gifts / PARTY FAVOURS 

Science party Birthday Boy

Science experiments book 

I gave away a science experiment book along with a set of a science-based toy car and a toy helicopter. The younger kids got Microscopes.

Each book and Toy were wrapped and a science quote went on top of it. What can I say, I love science quotes!

Mad Scientist Specimens

The kids got to carry home Contaminated Specimen of Grow in water Dino eggs, Grow in water Frogs, Cockroaches and Bacteria – which was basically grow in water animals and mock flies. Well, that is how its done at a Mad Scientist’s party.
Mad Scientist Favours
Mad Scientist return gifts
Science Party Cockroach
Science Party Specimen Frogs
 Mad Scientist Bacteria

The Dino Eggs, the Bacteria capsules and the frogs were grow in water specimens. The flies and cockroaches were slimy and creepy. I heard from the mothers that the kids had endless fun for days with them.


I knew from the start that this party was going be mainly about science-based activities/experiments
You can definitely choose to do it yourself but I wasn’t confident of pulling it off myself. (Science was never my strong subject) So I chose to hire someone to come and conduct it.
performers at the Mad Scientist Party
A quick google search will give you a few options of people who do Science experiments and shows for parties.
I did a little research and invited the Mad Scientist from to come perform fun and crazy experiments for us.
Scientist Performing Experiments
Yulia and her team did a fantastic job of entertaining the kids, feeding them frozen popcorn and liquid nitrogen ice cream.
Mad Scientist Slime

Of course, no Mad Scientist Party can ever be complete without Slime! The kids got to make their own glow in the dark and glitter slime. So much fun!

Mad Scientist Birthday Party for Boys 

What do you think about this science party? Would you like to throw one for your child soon? Let me know in the comments below if you like these ideas or have any of your own to share.

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