In Search of Treasure – Pirate Birthday Party

So I have literally been planning this party for 4 years. Not kidding. I had collected and saved all the pirate goodies I found for over 4 years and all of this time my son didn’t want a Pirate themed party. Like seriously? Who wouldn’t want to have such a fun theme!

But for his 7th birthday, I changed my pitch and gave him the idea of a treasure hunt which involved being a pirate going in search of Treasure. I saw the glint in his eyes and immediately knew he was sold on it.

(Phew! I really had to use up all the pirate goodies.)

In fact, he got so excited that he decided the games, the food and the Pinata- a treasure chest pinata full of pirate goodies which the treasure hunt led them to.

Now I had never had a pinata at any of my parties and was completely terrified by the idea of children falling over each other for silly goodies. But I went ahead and did this one for him.

Treasure Chest Pirate Pinata

After we broke open the pinata, there was complete chaos and it was hilarious to see how the children wanted every little goodie and jewel they found. They collected as much loot as they could get their hands on, and then came the trading and the cheating. Such Pirates!


Since I always start my party with printables this one was no different. It’s like my mood board and gives me clear direction of what my party is going to look like.


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Decor & Party Set-up

I didn’t want to get stuck with using only black and red colour for the party. So I tried to include as much blue, gold and yellow as I could add. And I absolutely loved the result.

Details to look out for –

  • Handmade AHOY MATEY Burlap banner.
  • Printed and assembled pirate themed Happy Birthday banner.
  • Decoupaged Wooden Name Letters
  • Pirate Theme Balloons
  • Fruit-filled Watermelon Boat
  • Treasure chest with jewels and chocolate coins and gold chocolate bars in it.
  • A ship wheel made using Embroidery ring and Wooden Dowels.
  • Pirate themed cake made by a home-based baker- was melting because of the heat but it was chocolate and Nutella so tasted yum!
  • Pirate photo props used as centrepieces.
  • Table setting with boat-shaped paper napkins.
  • Activity mats/ Table mats for kids while waiting for food to be served.

pirate party ideas Wooden Letters makeover Pirate Loot Treasure Chest Pirate Party Photo Props Paper Boat for Pirate Party Table setting

Pirate Party Table Setting


So everything was made at home and I tried to keep it as healthy as I could. Other than the cake, everything was fresh and homemade. But since it was a party there were also enough treats and fun finger foods.

Details to looks out for-

Root Beer- I used the Mapros Raw Mango crush to make Root Beer.

Sea Water- I used the Mapros Citrus Blue Crush to make Sea Water.

Treasure-Filled Cookies- I baked whole wheat sugar cookies and added leftover sprinkles from the Ice Cream Party to it while baking the cookies.

Shark Bait- Freshly made popcorn served as Shark Bait

Pirate Skulls- Cheese Chutney Sandwiches cut into skull shape using a cookie cutter.

Dead Man Fingers- French Fries served as Dead Man Fingers

Cannon Balls- I made chocolate balls with help of different chocolate pop recipe on Youtube.

Pirate Party DrinksPirate Party Drinks IdeasPirate Party Skull CookiesPirate Party Food IdeasSkull SandwichesPirate Party Food Ideas Pirate Party Cannon Balls


Party Favours and Return Gifts

Pirate Party Return GiftsPirate Party Favours

The major content of this Jute bag included

A Be a Buccaneer Kit- 

Pirate Party Favours and Gifts

Gable boxes with Stationary- I used the black and white gables boxes since I had them left over from another party. But you can buy Treasure Chest Gable boxes from here.

The boxes included

Pirate Party Favours and GiftsPirate Party Favours and Gifts

Cannon Balls – Water Bomb Balls were from

Pirate Party Favours

The Pinata goodies included a lot of pirate stickers, pirate tattoos, pirate bandages, lots of candies and other pirate goodies.

The kids went home with a lot of treasure. And it was absolutely delightful to see them go through all their loot and get excited about it.

Wow, this was one long post! I am not sure which one was more tiring doing the party or doing this post. LOL!

But I love to share party ideas so this has to be done. Please feel free to comment and let me know if you want to know any more details or get any resources for this party. And don’t forget it share the post with your friends, family e.t.c.

Come back for more soon,