A “Cool” Ice Cream Party

All we need is Ice Cream! And no reason to have an Ice Cream Party.

A birthday party for a boy, a summer playdate, an over-the-top girl’s party, a retirement party, a kitty party or a cute baby shower. Be it any reason or season you can add your own “flavour” to it both literally and figuratively, without burning a hole in your pocket.

So hang on to those Cones or Cups whichever you prefer (or both) and get ready for the inside scoop on how to have a really cool ice cream party.


  1. Get your free printable banner, bottle wraps, cone wrappers, party circles and tent cards.
  2. Get your basic supplies in place for your Ice Cream Station as that will be the focal point of your party.
  3. Send out cute invitations to set the tone for your party, like these invitations here.
  4. Use lots of different ice cream shaped detailing for the decor. You can use balloons, paper, honeycombs, party hats, actual waffle cones, ice cream sticks e.t.c.
  5. Use paper sprinkles or paper confetti to add a touch of WOW to the party.
  6. Make ice cream themed food like ice cream shaped sandwiches, pasta bowl with cream cheese on top (use icing bags to give cheese it a whipped creme look),
  7. Send everyone home with a sweet taste in their mouth and with sweet favour bags/boxes.
  8. Have an ice cream photo booth or just take a lot of pictures with Ice Cream Props for your Instagram page.


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