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An Ice Cream station is such a fun element to add to a party. It is an absolute favourite of people of any age. Whether you have adults at a children’s party or children at an adults party, it is like the cherry on top and it will be an instant hit.

So hang on to those Cones or Cups whichever you prefer (or both) and get ready for the inside scoop on how to have a super cool ice cream party.

For an Ice Cream Station, here is what you will need ↓


Ice Cream Station Supplies

Ice cream

A lot of people prefer to make homemade ice creams especially when it’s for children. And a quick google search will give you loads of easy recipes to follow. But if your culinary skills are as limited as mine, or you are short of time, then it is better to just buy the ice cream. The brand and flavours are for you to choose from. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Butterscotch appeal to generic taste-buds and go well with most of the toppings and sauces. But of course it’s your party and if you wish to have watermelon flavour, by all means, have it.

Try this really practical idea to save yourself a big mess and wastage .

Keeping your ice cream at the right temperature to serve at the party is always a bit of a challenge. And if you choose to display it, that will be another task at hand which you need to plan and be ready for. Let your ice cream sit in the refrigerator until the last-minute before serving or displaying it to avoid last-minute party fails.

Dry-ice method is a great option for displaying your ice cream at the right temperature. Or you can do what I did for this party. I filled up a galvanised container (a planter) with lots of ice and put a baking tray with pre-scooped ice cream in it↓ 

The only flip side of this method is that you will have to keep a check on replenishing the ice depending on the length of your party. 

Cones, cups, bowls

I don’t usually have a large group to entertain so I get my waffle cones a day before the party from an ice-cream parlour nearby. You can do the same or check with a baking supply store for a larger quantity.

Keep some medium or large size disposable ice cream cups handy so that it’s convenient for the guests to mix all of those toppings with the ice cream.

Tip: How you serve your ice cream is totally up to you. You can either just let the guests help themselves or have someone help them mix it. Either way, there will be a big mess so keep lots of tissues, wet wipes handy.


Local baking supply stores are your best bet. Supermarkets usually stock it too. And if all else fails then you can still come back and order from any of these websites.

Chocolate chips

White chocolate chips, brown chocolate chips or white and brown mix chocolate chips. You can choose one or all. There’s no such thing as too much chocolate. Find it at supermarkets, grocery stores, baking supply stores or 

Candy or Cookies

You can get creative and go crazy with this one and they can be bought from any local store. Try Gems, Sour Punks, Jujubes, Milano cookies, Oreo Cookies, Nutella, brownie pieces, Kit-Kat e.t.c. 



Use 2-3 different flavours. Hershey’s and Mapro’s both are easily available in at least 3 flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Butterscotch. You can also choose to make your own sauces at home.

Tip: Transferring them to ketchup bottles like these will ensure easy flow and lesser mess.

Or you can try what I did here ↓

  • I poured the chocolate sauce into mini mason jars so they were easy to pour on ice cream.

Whipped Cream

You can try Amul’s Whipped cream (the red pack not the fresh cream which comes in a blue pack) or Tropolite. Make it and keep it in Icing bags at the ice cream station for anyone who wants a dash of whipped cream (or lots of it) in their ice cream(s).


Wafer biscuits or Chocolate rolls

Garnish your ice cream with wafer biscuits. You can choose to have one or many flavours. Also, keep chocolate rolls/ sticks handy. The kids or the adults might end up eating just those since they are so irresistible.

Fruits and Dry Fruits

Keep a variety of these at the station and insist on adding a bit of health to calories. You can try berries of any kids but Cherries, Strawberry and Mangoes are usually the most popular choice to go with Ice Cream. But since they are seasonal fruits, they may or may not be available when you want them. Unless you want to buy canned fruits (not healthy for sure) or imported fruits (may be more expensive than seasonal fruits).

Another great option is to include some Dry Fruits to your Ice Cream Station. They are healthy and taste good. Serve broken pieces of figs, cashews, pistachios, almonds and of course raisins. (I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Raisins, do you?)

Ice Cream Scoops, Ice Cream Spoons, Tissues

These are the supplies you will need for your party. There are lots of Ice Cream Scoops available so take your pick as per your budget.

For spoons, you can choose from a variety of plastic to wooden spoons. I prefer the wooden spoons over the plastic alternative since you can dress them up or just leave them plain and they still look adorable.

You have to have lots of tissues at the Ice Cream Station. Plain, printed, theme appropriate whatever works for you. I love pretty-printed or colourful tissues simply because they serve the purpose and add colour to the table.

Tip: With a variety of ice cream combinations available I am sure your guest will feel a bit experimental. Hence there are chances of a lot of wastage. It is always better to keep 2-3 sizes of scooper handy. It is always better to have someone help children with their ice cream combos to avoid wastage and a big mess.

Once you have all the above supplies in place you can now focus on the display of the Ice Cream station to go with your theme. Here is how we set up our ice cream station for a Cool Ice Cream Party.

I hope you find this helpful in planning your party. Post a comment if you want to see more posts like these.


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