Easy DIY Ice Cream Themed Party / Back to School Party

An Ice Cream Party!


Doesn’t it sound so tempting that you almost don’t need a reason to have one? It could be a birthday party for a boy, a summer play date for the girls, a kitty party for girlfriends or how about an Ice cream party for a baby shower? Just add your own flavour to it and enjoy!


Celebrate Back to school with this fun Ice Cream Party for Kids

Easy DIY Ice Cream Party Station


I chose to throw a Back to School Ice Cream Party for the children. (really no reason needed). Honestly, we changed our son’s school and since his old school and new one followed different schedules, he had a 4-month long summer break!! I think I needed the Ice Cream more than he did.

◊ Download this simple Party Planner to get started with your planning.

 Ice Cream Station for Parties

Ice Cream Station

Ice Cream Party


The banner, cone and cup wrappers, party circles and ice cream cutouts were printed on regular paper (about 170-180 gsm). For the party signs and the food cards, I used thicker glossy paper / Card paper (250-300 gsm). Although I own a printer, I like to get everything printed by a professional printer since the quality is way better than what you will get from a home printer.



As much as I wish to send physical invitations, I always get lazy and whatapp my invitation. Although, in my defence, I do take the trouble to design them.

I use Illustrator to do all my design work but recently I have discovered some phone apps which can be used in case you don’t have access to or don’t know how to use illustrator. More on that in another post.


Decor Details

An integral part of the decor is to decide the colour scheme. For this party, I wanted to go with pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow and of course brown. Since the colours were dull I threw in a little bit of brighter tones of pink and my favourite Gold!

› The Ice Cream stand looked really pretty and made the cups and cones look even more edible. It was made using a white display stand from IKEA (coming soon to India, YAY!), wooden dowel sticks and wrapping paper.

› I used an Ivory table cover which I ordered from Amazon.in

› The tassels, balloons and honeycomb ice cream cones were all from Crawford Market.

› Wooden Spoons, disposable shot glasses, and mini mason jars from Crawford Market.

› I ordered Ice Cream cones and cups from a local ice cream shop Called Hokey Pokey. The store guy was sweet enough to give me some paper ice cream cups along with my order which I dressed up in printables and used them for displaying sprinkles e.t.c.

Here is a basic checklist of Ice Cream Station Supplies which I think are essential for throwing an Ice Cream Party. Feel free to add or skip anything on the list as it suits you. 

Ice Cream Party Station

Ice Cream Party Decor

 Party Food

› I baked Ice Cream shaped cookies the morning of the party since I had a small batch to bake. The children loved decorating their cookies and eating them too!

› Watermelon Popsicles were the easiest thing to make and looked totally delicious.

› Cheese balls served in ice cream cones was a true saviour for the savoury part.


Ice Cream Cookies

Watemelon Popsicles

Party Activity and Games

› The only activity that was needed was Make your own ice cream and eat it. And it sure kept the kids busy.

› Another activity was to Decorate your own Cookies and take it away as favours.


Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream Party Table

Ice Cream Cookies

 Make your own Ice Cream Sundae

Party Favours

My biggest find was the Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon set. I chanced upon them in a shop in Crawford Market (It certainly is a magical place) and decided immediately I have to have an Ice Cream Party!


BFF Tip- There will be a big mess as the children will be running around with ice cream dripping all over them and all over the floor. Find a way to engage them and keep them in one place while they eat. The best way is to set clear rules with children and they usually comply.

After eating the ice cream there was sugar rush in the air. There was ice cream on the floor and on everyone’s faces and clothes. But it was such a fun party that at the end it was worth the mess.


Life is Too Short, Double That Scoop And Don’t Forget the Sprinkles!


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