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After trying out various planners over the years, getting frustrated, and wasting more time on decorating the planner than actually planning my life out, I have finally decided to come up with my very own planning system.

My system

This year I want to achieve actual tangible goals and not get lost in the process of planning everything.

I have 2 books for my planning system. I know how that sounds but trust me it is simplified into an easy system.

The first one is 7 by 9-inch Planner which includes yearly, monthly and weekly spreads. This was loosely based on various planners I have used and researched. But kept mine just plain black and white, without any distractions, a simple, to the point planner.

download free printable planner to be more focus. Goal setting. ||||

The other one is a ruled lined book with sections for different ideas I may have during the course of the year or even carry it on to next year. Although, I haven’t assigned a year to it my ideas have a time frame which will get added to my planner as I go along the course of the year.

Free Printable planner for an easy planning system. Download and print

Making 2019 work for me with my Free Printable Planner

At the start of each month I have sections for putting down my goals for the month, what I am thankful for and important dates of the month. So in a glance I know what my month is about.

There is also an empty section. I haven’t decided what it is for now, but it could either be a to-do list or a monthly weight tracker. Will fill that as it goes.

The Monthly spread is for making a schedule for the whole month so I know what to expect from the month.

The Weekly spread is my favourite, since it has 3 columns for each day. I will use that to plan my day in one column, my meal plan or meal tracker for the day and last coloumn for putting down my reflections for the day.

However, since they are just blank columns, you can use them for anything you like. So you use them to divide the day to plan your Morning, Afternoon and Evening, or use them to plan your work, home and social agendas

There are about 12 inserts in the planner, They are beautiful inspirational quotes to get you by each month.

I have added a 2020 year at a glance and random notes and doodle pages at the end of my planner in case I need to plan something for next year.

Downloading & Printing

Download and print each month as you go along or download it at once.

I took it to a professional printer to do it for me since they cut it the required size and spiral bind it for you. Printing at home is an option if you have a good quality printer. Mine is a basic inkjet and printing at home turns out more expensive.

Whether you wish to print it at home or outside, remember to always print on non-bleed paper so that whatever you write in your planner, it doesn’t show on the other side.

I once read an expert tip on printing planners at home using the paper from children’s art book. Since the papers are non-bleed they work perfectly for planners. I think it is a brilliant idea!!


Here are some basic supplies I use for my planner nothing fancy just keeping it simple.

Planning supplies for my planner. Free printable planning pages for making your planner simple __www.mybutterfingers.com__
  1. A Fine-tip pen
  2. Mechanical Pencil
  3. Stencils & Shapes
  4. Marker Pens
  5. Pretty paper clips as bookmarks or to keep things together
  6. Cardstock paper as page dividers and for making pockets
  7. Plastic pouch bound together for keeping bills and stickers

I use the weekly columns for planning meals, but if you like you can add these Meal planner sheets to your planner.


Note: These are ready to print A4 sheets, whereas the planner is a 7 by 9 inches planner. You can resize it to fit your planner.

and the Yearly desktop calendar for Busy moms.


Hope you enjoy this planner and find it as useful as I do! A very Happy New Year to you all!

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