Free Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes for Busy Moms

Free Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes for Busy Moms


Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes Jokes. Add a little fun note to your child's lunch. For busy moms who want to stay on top of the game blog ||||||


When my child goes back to school, one thing that worries me most is his nutrition.

Packing lunches or like we say here – packing a tiffin, can be a daunting task especially when you are trying to keep it Healthy and Balanced.

With the kids at home, you ensure that they eat right. But once they are at school it becomes imperative that you give them a balanced diet.

On an average, a school child is required to attend somewhere between 180 – 200 days of school in India. (Read more here)

That’s how many lunches you need to pack!

Brace yourself and get organised, for life is busy and mornings are chaotic! Planning and preparing ahead of time will save you tons of time and energy.

And of course your sanity too.


Free Lunch box Planner & Lunch Notes + Meal Planner for Back-to-School-Lunch-Box-Printables-||||


Back-to-School-Lunch-Box-FREE Printables-||||

Grab the Free Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes and get on top of the planning game.


The Lunch Box Planner is a weekly planner with a balanced diet chart for easy reference. This will help you with the planning process so you can keep the meals balanced and healthy.

You can plan ahead for the month (or months) if you want to. I prefer to plan meals one week at a time so I can use up my existing supplies before going to shop for more.


Plan your child's lunch to cut out chaos and save your sanity. Lunch-Box-Planner-for-Busy-Moms-Blog-Image ||||


Lunch Box Ideas

Along with the planner, you will also find a sheet of Lunchbox Ideas.

You can print as many as you want and put down some ideas before you plan your lunch box menu for the week or month.

In case you are short of ideas, a quick google search on lunchbox ideas, packing a tiffin will give you multiple choices.

You will be surprised at how many sites are dedicated to packing lunches and they are loaded with ideas and recipes!


Back-to-School-Lunch-Box-FREE Printables-||||



To make meal planning a little more exciting, rope in your children to add to the list. Make them list down food items or plan a day’s meal. Notice how my son has saved filling Mains for lastđŸ™„!

I promise you the children will love doing this, and preparing meals will get a lot easier for you.


Lunch Notes

If you want to add a personal touch or just to let your child know you are thinking of them, adding a Lunch Note is just the thing.

Kids love getting lunch notes/ jokes. It could be a simple message that says I love you on a piece of paper too.

I have added some Lunch note jokes in the printables which you can download, cut and use straight away.



Also, there are Editable Lunch Notes along with the Free Printable Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes so you can print your own personalised message or joke on it.

It is a PDF file which can be accessed and edited on any smartphone or computer.


Free Lunch Box Planner & Lunch Notes for Back-to-School ||||


Meal Planner

This year I have decided to make a Meal Planner for home too. Once school start whether you are a working mom, a SAHM or a WAHM there is always so much to do with children.

The Weekly Meal planner is ideal for the busy moms who can use it to plan meals beforehand to preserve her sanity.

Plus it is good to stir things up a little bit (pun intended).




I hope you enjoy planning and packing your kids lunches this year but don’t forget to label the tiffins, containers and bags.

Grab these ready to print water-proof labels here


Free Waterproof Labels for school. Label Your kids bottles so they never lose a thing ||||



About all the Printables:

– All printables are PDF files and you may need Adobe Reader to access and print them.

-These are ready to print file in A4 size which you can print at home quickly.

-A colour printer is preferable but not essential.

-Print as many copies of these files as you may need on paper of choice.

-For personal use only. Do not redistribute.



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