Easy Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch

Easy Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch

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With barely any days left for mother’s day here are some Easy Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch that will ensure your mom or fellow moms and you will have a great time together.

Flower Power

When you think of mother’s day, you think of flowers instantly. Don’t shy away from using them. Not only will the place smell good it will also bring in a fresh spring vibe. Use flowers in different shapes and sizes and add a lot of leaves too. There can never be too many flowers!

Foral backdrop Use fresh flowers or paper flowers over a wall or you can make a Floral Wreath Light like I did.

Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas for Brunch


Table SettingUse them liberally over the table. Take smaller flowers to decorate plates, platters, drink stirrers or anything that you can put a flower on. If you can, make some paper flowers like I did.


paper anemone on plate setting

plate setting


Centerpiece- Make a large bouquet centrepiece or smaller flower arrangements.

In fact, get hold of some edible flowers and use it liberally over drinks and desserts.

party table setting

Binge Brunch

Remember the time when you were a little girl and you role-played a hostess? You mom came to tea and drank out of small plastic cups and ate in that steel kitchen set she bought you.

Time to play a real hostess and impress your mom with some really simple ideas for a brunch.

Host an easy, breezy brunch for your mother or your mom friends.

Mother's day brunch menu

Here are some easy ideas for making the day fun and memorable for both you and your guest of honour.


For homemade waffles try this waffle maker. I use this toaster which comes with a waffle attachment and they turn out ok.

For the batter, I follow this recipe and so far it has never failed me.

You can buy the readymade betty crocker mix essentially a pancake mix but works for waffles as well. Serve it with maple syrup, whipped cream, Nutella and some fresh fruits.


You can try your own variation but I like to use this recipe

Cheese Platter

This is a must have at every party. Get some garlic toasts, lavash, crackers, cheese, homemade hummus and pesto.

mother's day cheese platter

Pink Lemonade

This lemonade tastes as yummy as it looks. So easy to make but so tasty!

floral stirrer

Pink Lemonade recipe India


Mother's Day table decor

mother's day setting

Mother's Day Gift Ideas India


So are you planning on treating your mom? Or inviting your mom friends over for a fun-filled brunch?
Let me know if this post helped you by posting it in the comments below.

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