Easy DIY Gingerbread House Decoration Party

Gingerbread House Party


So if you haven’t watched the movie Coco, it’s time to watch it already. And if you have watched it, then you have surely watched Olaf’s Christmas Adventure which runs before Coco. 

Completely inspired by Olaf, I started my own Christmas tradition this year – Gingerbread House decoration party! 


I had invited only four kids to the party and wanted each kid to have a mini house to decorate. Most of the easy DIY recipes online will tell you to use Graham Crackers. But I realised that there’s no equivalent for it around.

So I set off ambitiously to make myself a Gingerbread house. I pulled up my socks and tied my hair (with dramatic music playing in my head), looked for recipes, went on to look for the ingredients and then better sense prevailed – I ordered ONE Gingerbread house from a cake shop.

In hindsight, it was the best decision ever! So I will share with you how you too can have your own hassle-free Gingerbread House decoration party without it costing much.


Throw a Gingerbread House decoration Party within 1000 bucks!

Gingerbread House Party

 Steps to have an Awesome Gingerbread House decoration Party 

Step 1 – Order or make your Gingerbread House(s) depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Step 2 – Get an assortment of colourful candy to decorate the house

Step 3 – Get icing ready in piping bags for decoration.

Step 4 – Set up the table with the required material for it so that it’s all available at an arm’s reach.

Step 5 – Prepare yourself for the mess and the sugar rush to follow.

That’s it!


Step 1: 

I ordered the Gingerbread House from a local cake shop – Hangout Cakes, Lokhandwala. They don’t usually make it but they did it for me and it cost me Rs. 700.

Step 2:

I bought candies like Gems, Sour Punk, jellies and jujubes, marshmallows, lollipops and Sprinkles – coz everything tastes and looks better with sprinkles!

All of that cost me less than Rs. 200.

WARNING: A lot of candy will get consumed during and after this activity.

Step 3:

Along with gingerbread house, I received 4 icing bags in red, blue, green and yellow colours to decorate for free!

However, I did make an icing bag with whipped cream and icing sugar at home.

Step 4: 

The Gingerbread House was placed on a cake stand so that the kids could easily access it. I put candies in cute baking cups and Christmas tree shaped baking moulds.

I added a few extra elements just because I like to craft. But you could totally avoid it.

Step 5: 

When I say prepare yourself for a mess, I mean seriously keep tissues, wet wipes cloth napkins whatever you find handy. This is a seriously messy mission and there will be a mess. Also, a lot of candy will get consumed during and after the party so have a plan to deal with the sugar rush.


Party Setting and Activities

Since it was a small group and all it required was a small table set-up, I only focused on that.

For the backdrop, I used a Gingerbread man bunting. I cut out Gingerbread shape on brown stock paper since I didn’t have time to make and print it out. But you can totally use this template here and use it for your party. 

Gingerbreadman template


I used paper doilies to make a Christmas Tree and freely used red polka dot ribbon to tie scarves to anything that I could get my hands on.


Reindeer Spoons

Spoons got a Reindeer makeover with pipe-cleaners and pom-pom.


I baked some cookies which I felt looked more like ghosts. Maybe I will try them for Halloween next year!

I also baked a few other Christmas themed cookies for the kids to take home.

The Gingerbread house was quite a mess by the time the children finished decorating it. Hopefully, we will have a neater and prettier Gingerbread House by next year. But we are so glad we started this new tradition.

Children Decorating Gingerbread House


Do share if you had your own Gingerbread House party or would like to have one.



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