5 Fun & Smart Egg Hunt Ideas you want to try this Easter

Easter Egg Hunt

So you really want to plan an Easter egg hunt but you simply do not have the time or the resources to do that, do not worry my friend I got your back on this one.

I am sharing 5 really smart and easy egg hunt ideas which will take little time and no planning to put together.

5 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Last year we tried a clue hunt for our Easter egg hunt party. This year I wanted to try something new and after a bit of research I have put together 5 really good ideas that are not only smart but also a lot of fun! Take a look ⇓

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Scavenger Egg Hunt

Give children a checklist of things to find. The best part about this kind of activity is that it can be played indoors or outdoors. It is a great idea if you have a group of toddlers. You can customise it to suit older kids too.

Download this scavenger hunt here 

Easter Scavenger Hunt


This egg hunt is an excellent way to keep the children active and engaged all through the egg hunt.

The idea is simple when they find an egg they read the instructions and do the act mentioned in it. You can give them an Easter Basket full of goodies as a reward for doing all their acts.

Easter Activity Egg Hunt

It is hilarious to watch the children do these antics just to get their Easter treats. Be ready for a great amount of laughter and fun at this egg hunt.

Download this EGG-tivity here

Easter Egg-tivity Egg Hunt


Liked the Easter Printables and want more printables for your party?

Egg Hunt Puzzle

Easter Puzzle Egg Hunt

Whether you have one child to send on an egg hunt or a group of children, this is an ideal choice. Piecing together the puzzle and then figuring out the clue to the final prize will get the kids working together as a group. It is also a great way to put those motor and cognitive skills to use.

Choose a puzzle which is age appropriate also considering the skill level of the children in your group. You can totally involve adults in this egg hunt too.

Egg Hunt with Puzzles

Lego Egg Hunt

Almost like the egg hunt puzzle but with Lego pieces. The usual problem with any group clue hunt/egg hunt is that there will always be a few children more active or aggressive than the others. So if you have more than 8 people you can divide them into groups and whichever group puts together their Lego pieces faster gets a grand prize. This is a great way to get everyone involved since there is a race to look for the pieces and to put them together.

Lego Egg Hunt

You can have a large Easter Egg as a prize for the winning group. But please give the runner-ups some goodies too.

Learning with Easter Egg Hunt

Keep them engaged and turn it into an educational egg hunt. Such a mom thing to do!

Learning with Egg Hunt

Create alphabet recognition egg hunt for toddlers, spring related clue hunt for the kids or age-appropriate math problem-solving egg hunt. This can be done as a solo or a group activity either ways the kids will have so much fun doing it.

I intend to use the math problem-solving egg hunt this year. My son loves math and he loves egg hunts. So I am going to give him clues that will lead to my house number 603 which is where the treat basket will be hidden

The excitement is building up and I already can’t wait for Easter to arrive. Let me know in the comments below if you try one of these ideas for your egg hunt party.

Happy Easter!



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