DIY Unicorn Pinata


I am absolutely in love with cute pinatas and I will be making many this year. You can follow this tutorial to make a Unicorn Pinata like the one I made.

Material Needed

– Recycled or fresh Cardboard.

Knife and Scissors

-Masking tape

-Black Paper for Eyes ( I used black glitter foam since I had some leftover)

-White Crepe Paper for covering the pinata (I used shiny silver paper, again I had spare paper)

-Colourful Tissue paper for the tail.

-Woollen thread for the tail (Totally Optional)

-Golden Party Hat for the horn. (I used card paper to make the horn and covered it with gold paper)


This Unicorn Pinata is so easy to make and I literally made it under (INR) 100 bucks! Make one for your party as a Pinata or make it as a centrepiece for table display. You can also just make it as a toy for children to play with. They will love it either way.




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