DIY Tray – Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

I wanted to make something for my son for Valentine’s day and since we were Celebrating Love, I simply put together a Tray with a couple of things he loves.

I bought an MDF tray from Art Station and painted it pink and gold. I used a heart print paper from a scrapbook pack applied mod podge under and over it and it was ready to use.

The Modge Podge I used was bought a few years back and I don’t think it is available anymore. Also, It was a glossy one and I didn’t really enjoy the texture too much.

The tray turned out lovely and it’s a perfect holder for putting together a paraphernalia of gifts.

To make this you will need

– A Tray

– Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge

Sponge Brush

– Scrapbook Paper(Optional)

– Shredded paper or any other confetti

kids party ideas for Valentine's Day


Step 1. Clean the MDF tray for any dirt or particles and make it even.

Step 2. Paint it with an acrylic colour of choice. Depending on the colour you may need another coat of paint.

Step 3. You can paint the whole tray if you wish or leave the inside unpainted and use cardstock paper to cover that area.

Step 4. Measure the inside of the tray and cut your paper half a cm smaller from all four sides. If your paper is smaller than the tray then cut pieces of paper you would like to put together.

Step 5. Use Mod Podge inside the tray. Then start sticking your paper. Be very careful while putting the paper and make sure there are no bubbles. While using multiple pieces of paper, make sure the smaller pieces go first and the larger goes on top.

Step 6. Use Another coat of Mod Podge on top of it and let it dry overnight.

You will have a perfect looking tray at the end of it. Now go ahead decorate it and fill it in with gifts your Valentine will love




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