DIY Fun Easter Party for kids



I have always like the idea of an Easter egg hunt. Every year around spring I see lovely pictures of kids with baskets in their hands going on an egg hunt.

I also love Spring. The world just looks so pretty with fresh blooms and everything colourful and bright! 

Not so much in Mumbai though. Come March and everyone starts discussing how hot it is and what will it be like in May if it’s so hot now!

So I got together with my party enthusiast/ expert friend – Ranjinee (Find her parties here) to celebrate Spring/ Easter and cheer ourselves up just to forget the oncoming of summer. Or maybe we just wanted to host a little egg hunt. Whatever our reasons were, it was for one single purpose i.e. PARTY! (Yes I almost shamelessly look for reasons to have one.)

It was such a fun party and we had an absolutely Egg-tastic time doing it!


Easter Treat Table

Easter Chocolate Nests with Mnm Eggs

DIY Easter Party for kids

Easter Bunny Tails Favours

MnM Easter Eggs

Carrot Treats for Rabbits

Easter Chicks Lolipop favours

Easter Eggs flower arrangement

DIY Spring Pinwheel

DIY Cloth Napkin Favours

Cloth Towels Favours


  • Pinwheel- made with eraser top pencils, paper, brad pin and foam flower stickers.
  • Baby Towel rolled into flowers- made with baby napkins, wooden skewer, flower and leaf stickers.
  • Easter Egg / Flower Bouquet – made with plastic Easter eggs, wooden skewer, colourful foam sheets for the flower shape, green felt and paper for leaves.
  • Paper Mache Egg Pinata- Balloon, newspaper, white glue, paints and brush.
  • Easter Candy Treat Baskets – made with baking cups and felt handles.


Easter Egg Hunt

For the Egg Hunt, we created a trail of eggs with clues inside which led the children to a big Egg pinata.

DIY Easter Egg Pinata

I used the paper mache technique for the Egg Pinata unlike the pinata I made here and here

Once the structure of the egg was done, I painted it with a coat of white acrylic paint. After that dried, I painted it with a coat of yellow paint and made polka dots with a thick round pencil dipped in paint.

Tips for Paper Mache:

1. Don’t let it dry in the sun or extreme heat, the balloon may burst which will make the paper layer cave in.

2. Please wait enough between layers and trust me you will get a good result.

3. Remember this is paper mache so your painting surface is not smooth.

4. If you are new to crafting, don’t let Paper Mache intimidate you. It takes a bit of time, but it really requires the most minimum level of skill.

If you have a little one at home, I insist you must have an easter egg hunt. They will absolutely love it and you will enjoy watching them collect all their surprises/treats.

We had older children at our party so we created a clue hunt for them. Either way, I promise you the kids will have a great time and so will you.

Enjoy Spring and have a Hoppy Easter!

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