DIY Confetti Pichkari for Holi

DIY Holi Pichkari

How about this Holi you add colourful Confetti to your pichkari instead of colourful powders or water?


I know that Holi is all about colours but no matter how safe they claim the colour powder is, there is always this fear of it going in your little one’s eyes and nostrils. Honestly, I don’t like it going in mine either!

This Confetti Popper is perfect if you like colours but don’t really like it on your body. So technically you can play with colours(colourful confetti) without getting messy.

DIY Holi Pichkari

If you are hosting a Holi party, you can set up a confetti popper refill station. Buy or make lots of paper confetti or use lots of flower petals. None of it will burn a hole in your pocket. You can also use colourful powder with the same popper for older children or adults.

Your guests can fill up the pichkari with any or all of it and sprinkle on each other.

Holi Decor Ideas

Materials Needed

– Leftover Cardboard Kitchen Roll (makes 2) or Toilet roll ( makes 1)

Confetti (buy from store or make your own)

– Large Balloon

– Knife

– Colourful Paper to Cover the roll

– Washi Tape (optional)


Step 1. Cut your kitchen roll in half and you will get 2 poppers. If you are using a toilet roll (perfectly safe to use) then you do not need to cut it.

Step 2. Take a balloon and tie a knot to the open end.

Step 3. Now cut the balloon from the other end.

Step 4. Put the balloon on the cardboard roll. Secure it with tape tightly so it doesn’t shift.

Step 5. Now cover it with paper of choice.

Step 6. Decorate it with stickers or washi tape.

Step 7. Fill it up with confetti. You can make your own confetti using a hole punch or any shaped punch you like.

Step 8. Pull the balloon with full force and then release it to sprinkle confetti. You can use flowers petals or colours too.

diy confetti pichkari popper

DIY Holi party

Tip: Keep a dry dustpan ready to sweep the confetti and maybe reuse it!

The cost of the project is literally zero and most of the products should easily be available at home.

You guests both the little ones and the big ones will enjoy popping these pichkaris. Serve them some Thandai and mithai and have a safe and mess free Holi.


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