DIY Cloud Lights

When I stumbled upon this DIY on Pinterest I knew I just had to make it. After a bit of research, I finally followed this tutorial which I found fairly easy to follow. It took me only 3 things and less than 30 minutes to make these lights.

DIY Cloud Light Unicorn Slumber Party

However, I did face issues with the pillow batting I used. Maybe it was just the quality of batting but there were fibres all over the house which took some time cleaning up. Also, the fibres kept sticking to my glue gun and you might want to keep a cloth to wipe your glue gun while doing this project so you can save your glue gun from getting clogged.

These were minor hiccups and when I saw the finished product I was so happy with how easy and quick it was!

Material Needed

-3 or more White Lanterns of different sizes

Pillow Batting depends on the size and number of your lanterns used.

LED Tea Lights depends on the numbers of lanterns used.

-String to hang the lanterns.

Glue Gun.

WARNING: I used this above high temp glue gun and ended up burning my fingers multiple times. Maybe that’s just me, but still be careful guys.

I used the Cloud lights as a Photo Backdrop for this Unicorn Slumber party.

DIY Cloud Light Unicorn Slumber Party

It looked so nice when it got dark and only the cloud lights were on!

You must try it out for a party or for room decor. But please choose High-Quality pillow batting in case you want to use it as a permanent light fixture for your room. Yes, you can totally do that too. Follow the instructions in this tutorial right here.


Happy Crafting!



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