A Fun Monster Birthday Party

3rd Monster Birthday Party


Monsters.inc is my son and my favourite film. I introduced it to him before he turned 3(Too early for movies and monsters!). Following which there was a monster phase in my house where everything we bought was monster themed. There was Monster Bedspread, Monster Carpet, Monster Toys, Monster Books. I even had monster underwear and socks for him. I know, so cute right!

So when the time came to plan his birthday party it was an obvious choice for me to go along with the Monster Theme. I just love this theme because there is so much fun you can have the colours, food, activities e.t.c.

We celebrated it at Kidville, Mumbai and it had the most amazing kid’s gym ever! (Sadly it shut down in 2014)

So Kidville was renamed as Monsterville and we called the gym the Monster’s Training Room. The children had such a roaring time at the party. No literally. They were asked to roar Monsters.inc style and were given points based on their performance.


The cake was super cute looking and was absolutely delicious.

The cake and cupcakes were both made by Love Sugar Dough, Mumbai. The doughnuts were from M.O.D. I picked up simple lollipops from a local store and wrapped them in craft paper, used pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make them look like monsters.

There was also homemade brownie crumbled up to make it look like mud with worms (sour punk pieces) in it.

The kids also got to take home Sour Punk jelly worms and Kurkure Monster Paws/Monster Smileez.

Party Favours/ Return Gifts: 

Monster Goodie Bags – I picked up plain yellow bags and used monster details to decorate it.

Monster Feet – Bought bathroom Slippers from Crawford Market and gave them a monster makeover. What do u think? They were a little oversized for children but that was the whole point. They were Monster Slippers after all. The younger Children got wooden rattles with monster details just like the slippers on them.

Monster Face – Paper masks with colour pencils and a string were put in a bag with a bag topper on it.

Monster Eyes – Glasses with googly eyes popping out of them (bought from Crawford Market)

Pet Monster Also I found cute DIY monster packs at an ELC store but there were not enough for each child to take the whole packet. I just about managed to make one pack for all including my child. I put in little magnets and keyrings so they could use it whichever way they liked it.

Monster Wooden Alphabets (bought from Crawford Market)

Monster Horns – Also as soon as the kids arrived they got monster horns in red and blue colours. Later that was used to group them into different teams.

Games and Activities:

There was plenty to do for the children. There was make your own monster bag, then there were monster images put up on the wall for the children to colour in. The kids had a roaring competition followed by which they went into the Monster Training Room. There was Tug of war, Zip line, Monkey Bars, Tunnels, and a huge Trampoline to play with. The children had a roaring time!




Show Stopper:

The most fun part of the entire party was the photo booth. The children, as well as the grown-ups, had such a fun time clicking pictures and taking them back home in Monster photo frames which I had made using monster stickers and paper frames.


Party Credits

Planning and Crafting – Butterfingers.

Venue and Food Credit – Kidville, Mumbai.

Cakes – Love Sugar Dough, Oshiwara.

Doughnuts – Mad Over Doughnuts.

DIY Monsters – ELC, Shopper’s Stop.

Monster Face Masks – Sterling Books

Craft Supplies – Crawford Market, Mumbai.


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