I am a stay at home mom who is always dreaming about parties. I can’t stop thinking about parties and I am constantly crafting for it. When I am not crafting I am on Pinterest pinning parties and crafts to do. Basically, I am completely obsessed with anything that spells PARTIES!

I love my husband, son and life too much. I am a big fan of house parties and kids parties are my jam. My son often plays the scapegoat for all my shenanigans and my husband has to put up with my craziness. I have butterfingers and I mess up even the simplest of projects sometimes. Also, I am left-handed.


I am not good with words and I had to spell check the word grammar while writing this!

Mybutterfingers.com is my virtual space on the world-wide web where I share my love for parties and crafts.

I am not a professional event planner but more of an experienced DIYer (if that isn’t a term already, it should be) who has been trying to DIY parties and crafts since 2010 alongside raising my son.

Yes!!! that is a long time, but that hasn’t made me a pro. In fact, it has been a journey where I have learned so much, experimented so much and erred so much.

On this blog, I share all of that with you so if DIY parties and crafts excite you as much as they excite me, stick around keep coming back for more.

For enquiries and assistance please send an email to sejalsachdeva12@gmail.com