2018 Birthday Planner and Gift guide for children

Birthday Planner

Here it is. Your Ultimate Birthday planner for the year!

You will not miss a birthday this year and you get to set aside a budget and plan ahead the presents you would want to give. Also, you can shop in advance and save yourself some time.


Download this planner which comes with a reference gift guide to help you plan the perfect gift. 

The gift guide is a compilation of classic games, toys and books that children have enjoyed for years and continue to do so. The children may or may not have the items on the list so it is always advisable to check with the mother or maybe with the child before buying something that they already have.

I love it when I see the joy on a child’s face when they receive something they want or love. It is extremely satisfying. So go ahead and make someone happy, but also make life easier for you.


You can download it and add it to you existing planner or make your own.

To make your own planner-

  • Use a high-quality printer to print on cardstock paper.
  • Choose a cover page.
  • Print one or more Your Gift Ideas and Notes pages.
  • Spiral bind it, clip it or use a clipboard to keep it together.

Hope you enjoy this printable. Please post how you are using the planner and use the hashtag #mybutterfingers to share it on Facebook or Instagram.




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